Darpan Registration in Ranchi, Jharkhand Requirements, Procedure and Fees

Darpan Registration Fees @Rs.1,999/-Only and time period one week approx.

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Darpan Registration Overview

Darpan Registration in Ranchi, Jharkhand

  1. What is Darpan Registration in Ranchi, Jharkhand
  2. Why this Registration is required
  3. Documents Required for Darpan Registration
  4. Procedure to obtain Darpan Registration
  5. Benefits of Darpan registration
  6. Eligibility for  Darpan registration
  7. Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Darpan Registration in Ranchi, Jharkhand

Darpan registration in Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh is mandatory to get government grant, dapan id is required to be submitted while we apply for government grant. after registration in dapran portal an unique id is being generated and that is being used everywhere when we apply for government grant. there are so many projects also listed in Darpan website where we can apply directly.

Why this Registration is required

Darpan is a portal that link NPO, NGO and various ministries of government where NGO can get fund and regular updates from government , Niti Ayog has launched darpan portal for registration of ngo. therefore Niti Ayog registration and darpan registration is same thing. government has made mandatory registration of NGO in darpan portal to get funds from government.

Documents/Information Required for Darpan in Ranchi, Jharkhand Registration 

  1. Scanned copy of Registration certificate of NGO, Society, Section-8 company, Trust deed as case may be.
  2. Memorandum, of association, rules and regulation of NGO.
  3. PAN Card of NGO.
  4. PAN Card, Aadhar card, email, mobile number of President, secretary, and treasurer.
  5. Details of grant/donaton received in last three years.
  6. Details related to activity , working area of NGO.

Procedure to obtain Darpan registration

NGO Darpan Registration
ngodarpan portal

Benefits of Darpan registration

The following are benefits of registering on the Darpan portal:

  • Helps NGO, society, trust to engage with government departments
  • Improves trust and credibility of NGOs .
  • Darpan ID is mandatory at the time of applying for government grants
  • Government department websites coordinate with the Darpan to share all information, thus facilitating NGOs  to get timely information on the grants
  • Enables flow of data to various NGOs  across the country from the government
  • NGOs  can obtain information and updates on  government programmes,  schemes and the progress .
  • Helps to create a repository or database of information regarding NGOs
  • Registration validates NGOs  for taking multiple grants
  • Helps to create a better presentation and goodwill for the NGO.
  • Registration in NGO darpan portal bring trust in public that your NGO is genuine and will attract donation from public.
  • NGO darpan portal has named many NGO therefore your ngo can make partnership with other NGOs

Eligibility for Darpan registration

NGO Which is registered trust, society and section-8 company  of companies act ,2013 are eligible for ngodarpan portal or Niti Ayog registration.

Frequently asked questions

Darpan is a web portal prepared by government for grant to NGO.

one day to one week normally

yes, NGO can update their information after using login id and password.

There is no government fees for  Darpan registration but we charge professional fees of Rs.1,999/-


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