Sec-8 Company Registration Requirements and Fees

Sec-8 Company Registration Fees @Rs.11,999/-Only and time period 15 days approx.

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Section 8 Comapny Registration- Overview

Sample Section 8 company Certificate

Section 8 company is a charitable organization which works like society and trust. Earlier section 8 company was known as section 25 company under company act ,1956. objects of section 8 company must be for science , education, health, social welfare etc. Section 8 company is registered under company Act,2013. License also required to be applied at ministry of corporate affairs, we are giving details information about section 8 company

Section 8 Company Registration

  1. What is Section 8 company Registration
  2. Why Section 8 company Registration is required
  3. Documents Required for Section 8 company Registration
  4. Procedure to obtain Section 8 compnay Registration
  5. Donation/Funding in section 8 company.
  6. Name approval in section 8 company
  7. Compliances of section 8 company
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
Section 8 company Certificate

What is Section 8 company-A Section 8 Company is a non-profit organization that objects to promote  What is charitable activities, art, science, education, and sports. such company main objects is non commercial however if there is a profit in this company , that are utilized for promoting these objectives and are not distributed among the Company’s members.

Why Section 8 company is required-

  • Tax Exmeption
  • No Minimum capital requirement
  • No need of paying stamp duty
  • separate legal entity
  • Increased credibility
  • No Title required

Documents required for section 8 company

  • Applicants identity and address proof
  • Name of proposed company
  • Electricity bill with NOC or rent agreement
  • Photographs
  • MOA and AOA
  • Digital signature certificate

Procedure to obtain section 8 company registration

  • Obtain DSC
  • Obtain Director identification number (DIN)
  • Reserves company name
  • File the application for incorporation
  • obtain a license for section 8 company

Donation Funding in section 8 company.

  • Section 8  company get donation from individual member’s as well organization.
  • Section 8 company can get CSR Funds if it has csr-1 registration
  • Section 8 company can get grant from government.

Name Approval in section 8 company

5 name in preference order is required to be submitted for name approval with registrar of company. one name in preference order is approved.

Compliance of section 8 company-

Annually AOC-4 and MGT 7A is filled with registrar of company apart from this Audit report from a practicing chartered accountant is required . apart from this an income tax return is required to be filled every year.

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